1 Day in Milan

We arrived in Milan! Half of us took a van that was prepared for us by the Airbnb host. David and I took the train and saw some of the sights. It was tricky getting used to their train system, but we only ended up using the train once, since it’s a really tiny city.

When we arrived to our destination there was a lot of graffiti everywhere. Things like “No Nazi” were pretty prominent. It was interesting seeing graffiti in a language not native to your own. It was about 4pm at this time so we stopped by the bakery and got a donut and pizza bread. This was pretty good and cost about $2/piece.

Once we got to the house, it was pretty amazing. First we entered through these doors that were so big that you had a little door inside of it just to get in. Our place was 5 bedroom with 2 baths.

First room in Milan

Second room in Milan

It was on the 4th floor and had a ton of books. There was a wall of wines also available that we could get for 10 Euro each. We immediately popped open a few and prepared to go out for the day.

We visited a lot of old cathedrals. Religion is very big here. All of the places we visited were heavily influenced. The design was also built to make you feel inspired and in awe. As you looked up at the gods and sculptures.

A church in Milan

The food wasn’t too bad, we did end up going to some fast places. The first one was a lunch spot that you ordered ala carte. After you told them what you wanted, they took that plate to the back and into an oven. Then they served all of our food at the table at the same time.

Pasta in Milan

We also got (supposedly) the best pizza in Milan. The pizza was really good. I usually don’t like thin crust pizzas but this one was top notch. We ordered 7 and split it amongst the group of 11. Everyone looked at us weirdly as we cut the pizza into slices to share. Most people each had a pizza to themselves and just ate it piece by piece with fork and knife.

After this we went to a few bars and got to try some amazing german beer. The first place was lackluster because they had a special dinner set game prepared. For $30 you could have dinner, drinks, and a game of Mafia. It’s interesting to see these types of events set up at a bar/restaurant. The next place was really good with a selection of over 30 beers, I think we tried about 15.

Our bartenders were very knowledgeable about each beer. They would even suggest which beers to pair with or have. At that point we already tried a lot of different beers out of order. There was this sea salt beer that was sour, the German guy got that one. I mostly had ipas with Kevin. We started asking for more beers after sampling each, things like chocolate beer, and other fruit based ones. For the most part if it was too fancy, it wasn’t good. We mostly talked to the bartenders who all had good english.

Beer in Milan

They also spoke perfect italian. One guy was from the UK, a women from Columbia, and another from Italy.

I was talking to the shy one from Italy and I think she was new. As she opened up I learned she was an archaeology student. I think the head bartender was getting protective as he kept telling her to get back to work. We continued to talk off and on the rest of the night though. Too bad we were leaving to Budapest the next day.