How can you make healthy food sites more appealing

How can you make healthy food sites more appealing

It’s always been a pain when it comes to finding healthy and reasonably priced food. I have always had this idea that there are many recipes, spices, and cooking styles around the world yet a huge problem when it comes to discovery. Most people know the ‘mainstream’ dishes of each country but there is so much that we are missing out on. For the first time in history technology has given us the tools to curate, develop algorithms, and socially discover the foods we love in this world. Say goodbye to ramen and scrambled eggs.

Goals Primarily users should be able to find tasty and healthy food recipes. Some sort of crowd sourced strategy seems optimal to help manage the data overload that comes with this problem. Secondary wants would be cooking time convenience as well as price/being within budget.

Roles Visitors, logged in members, and admins will use the site. Each will play generic roles on the site, things like members get to vote, visitors get to browse, and admins get to moderate.

Features Users: Registration, browsing content, voting, commenting/showing off finished product, sharing/submitting recipes.

User Stories As a user I want to have immediate access to healthy recipes so that I can shop for the products I will need. As a user I want to know how much time a meal takes to prepare so that I can decide if it is worth trying. As a user I want to see appetizing pictures so that I know if it is something I should cook. As a user I want to see what other countries cook so that I can explore their culture’s cooking. As a user I want to share photos of what I have made so that my friends can see what I am cooking. As a user I want to rate others dishes so that I can find better recipes quicker. As a user I want to get balanced meal tips so that I can take the guessing out of nutrition.

Starting with healthy food seems like the best idea. A lot of the sites that currently exist are just huge walls of text that don’t make eating healthy seem easy nor close to appealing. The project as a whole should eventually have modulation to accommodate every food as an ultimate goal.